Business Consulting

Effective Solutions for Your Business

Having provided financial and administrative leadership to multiple organizations for nearly 30 years, I have extensive real-world experience in running small to medium-sized enterprises.

Some of my roles have included working as a Branch Manager in financial services; retail sporting goods chain Bookkeeper, commercial equipment repair Bookkeeper, retail women’s fashions Business Owner, Community Futures Business Analyst, General Manager of an ice arena, Finance Manager of an expanding dental practice, Finance and Administrative Manger of a provincial foundation, and working with First Nation Band Offices in the Okanagan.  Many of these roles have included planning, human resources, infrastructure, logistics, and information technology functions, as well as finance and administration.  

My professional experience, together with my education and certifications, can help you transform and elevate your business success through consulting advice that is unique to your situation and business goals.

  • Business and strategic planning
  • Budgeting and tax planning
  • Operational process reviews
  • Business process redesign
  • Business or competitor research